• Do you want more website traffic?

  • Is your website a great lead conversion tool?

  • What do your your customers 'search' for to find you online?

  • Why does Google show your competitors website before yours?

  • Where should your website traffic come from and why?

  • Just how much new traffic is ready waiting for you?

  • What "WORDS" (Keyword phrases) on your website are important?


Written by Kaylene Moore on Thursday, 07 February 2013. Posted in General

Here are ten questions a small business might ask before venturing on a digital marketing journey.

  1. Who is your target market? (The one you want!) Generally, what sort of lifestyle do they have, and how do they use the web now? IE Where will you find them online?
  2. If your target market are businesses, how do they communicate with their own customers, and can you add value to your relationship by providing knowledge and content that will make them look good!
  3. Would your satisfied customers recommend your product or service if it was quick and easy? Could you leverage the relationships you already have?
  4. If you decide not connect with your customers online, is there a risk your competitors will?
  5. How important is website traffic for your businesses? Will more traffic generate business growth through more qualified leads, or strengthen your brand?
  6. People like to do business with people or businesses they trust. This is no different online! Does your website or online presence create opportunities for potential customers to build a connection, or have engaging informative content to help create trust?
  7. How easy is it for potential customers to find you online? Phone books are becoming more redundant each year so check how quickly you show up in search engines, and in online business directories.
  8. How important is protecting your brand? If you do not secure your business or product names on some social networking sites, will it be a problem if someone else does? (This happens!)
  9. The best results require some basic knowledge and planning. Do you know where to get help, and where to find free tools and support?
  10. What resources can you dedicate to create a winning online strategy? Eg weekly/monthly activity? (Funds, staff, time)

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